NOTE TO ALL 2017 COMPETITORS - All schools districts were notified on April 26, 2017. If you did not get an email, please email Lori Perlow at for an update.

NJSPRA’s School Communication Awards recognize outstanding print and electronic collateral material in New Jersey educational communications programs. The primary role of the professional school communicator is to disseminate important information about schools and school districts to all constituencies. NJSPRA developed the School Communication Awards competition to recognize professional school communicators in New Jersey – and the products they develop – that go above and beyond to disseminate important messages to their publics.


Electronic Newsletter This category will focus on news that is directed toward external audiences, published periodically and disseminated electronically to the community. E-newsletter entries must include two different issues (e.g., two different months, quarters, etc.) to qualify as an entry. An archived link may be submitted for this category. Student written and/or produced newsletters or other publications are not eligible for consideration.

Marketing, Branding, Image This category includes all print branding collateral material, such as logos, stationery and other graphic treatments; advertisements and products that contain persuasive messages; brochures; and items that communicate a district’s special qualities to potential constituents. Branding/image packages must include three or more individual pieces to qualify as an entry. Two complete sets must be provided for consideration.

Media Relations – Human interest This category focuses on the human interest side of media relations. This category will be judged on appropriate timing of the story, media reach, and level of human interest. Two sets of the printed publication (or screen shot of an electronic publication) must be provided.

Social Media This category will be based on strategic usage of various social media platforms to engage stakeholders and communicate district information. Two sets of printed examples (screen shots are acceptable) and a brief explanation of effective usage must be provided for consideration.

Special Interest Publication This category includes publications that fall outside of the other categories, such as employee recruitment materials, employee newsletters, handbooks, general district information, specialized informational publications, finance publications, etc. Two identical examples must be submitted.

Video This category includes videos that were produced for external use in promoting the district or communicating a specific message. Include a brief explanation of the video’s purpose and a link to the video as all videos must be available to view online. (Note: Videos produced by students will not be considered.). No cds or dvds will be accepted.

Website This category is based on overall design, ease of use and up-to-date content.