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NJSPRA sponsors a number of in-person events throughout the year with the goal of providing professional development and networking opportunities for our members

For professional development in 2023-2024, we will hold three full day workshops at the FEA Conference Center in Monroe Township, NJ. This year, we will also be scheduling a couple of virtual power hours, details to be announced. In addition to our professional development offerings, NJSPRA will also hold member meet-ups, the Communication Awards celebration (held at NJSBA Workshop in Atlantic City this year!), and the Annual Meeting in May. SEE EVENTS already planned below. Attendance to all of these events is included in your NJSPRA Membership. We may also schedule special events as needs and occasions arise, including focused seminars on timely topics for NJ schools as well as regional events with neighboring state SPRA chapters.

Announcements and registration information about each event is posted here, emailed to members and other subscribers, and posted on our social media channels. To be added to our subscriber list, contact us at

    • March 12, 2024
    • 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
    • NJPSA FEA Conference Center


    Branding and Strong Communications to Help You Attract and Retain Staff and Students

    How School PR Can Meet the Employee Recruitment Challenge

    The staffing situation is bleak for many school districts due to widespread competition for quality employees and their dissatisfaction with compensation and job expectations. Learn how school districts nationwide are responding to the crisis and what school communicators can do to help their districts tackle the employee recruitment challenge. In this hands-on session, you’ll learn how to create a research-backed Employee Value Proposition that will elevate your recruitment messages and make your district’s employment opportunities stand out from the crowd.

    Speaker: Mellissa Braham, APR, Associate Director
    National School Public Relations Association

    Maximizing Your Network: 
    Connecting Groups Outside Your School

    Hear from two NJSPRA member districts about how they maximize relationships with outside community organizations, such as senior groups, PTAs, recreation departments, civic organizations, etc., to support district initiatives, student projects, volunteer work and more. 


    Dr. Scott Rocco, Superintendent
    Laura Geltch, Grants, Communication and Sponsorships Coordinator
    Hamilton Township School District

    Dr. Donna Ambrosius, Superintendent
    Gina Dunphy, Community Relations Coordinator
    Florence Township School District

      Implementing Brand Identity to Unite District, School and Community

      Does your district have a brand? Do you have branding guidelines and do staff know them and adhere to them? Hear how one NJ district overhauled their brand, why it was important, and how they got staff to adopt the new brand.

      Speaker: Susan Marinello, Public Information Officer
      Montville Township Public Schools

      Who Speaks for Your Brand?

      Who is speaking for your brand? Maintaining your district's brand requires the strength of your team. You can't be your district's only spokesperson; you need brand ambassadors, people who wear your colors, live your values, and get others excited about your schools. In this session, learn new research about brand ambassadors and why it matters.

      Speaker: Brittany Keil, Research & External Relations Manager
      SchoolCEO Magazine

      2024 NJSPRA Communicator of the Year Award
      Announcement and Presentation


      NJPSA FEA Conference Center
      12 Centre Drive  Monroe Township, NJ 08831

      Included with NJSPRA 2023-2024 Membership
      (Dues must be paid in full)

      Guests Welcome - $125 per

      Includes continental breakfast (available at 8:30am) and lunch

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    Past Events 


    • 30 Jan 2024  Virtual Workshop: Ethics in School Communications (NJSPRA Members Only)
    • 11 Jan 2024  Prepare, Prepare, Prepare - What You Should Do Before Your District Is in the Headlines (Preparing for a Crisis - Have a Plan; Journalists Turned School Communication Pro's; Reporters Are on My Campus - Now What? Tutorial on Media Training)
    • 23 Oct 2023  NJSPR School Communication Awards Celebration at NJSBA Annual Workshop
    • 2 Oct 2023  Crewing the Ship Through Choppy Waters: Good Communication Starts at the Helm (Dynamic Duo: Superintendent and School Communicator; Keeping Calm and Let the School Communicator Help; Board Members, Social Media and Freedom of Speech; Tech and Design Tips for School Communicators: Canva, Newsletter, Social Media)


    • 12 May 2023  Annual Meeting and School Communicators Day Celebration/Luncheon, Communicator of the Year awarded
    • 25 Apr 2023  Showcase & Roundtable with Video, Website and Social Communication Award Winners, Importance of Internal Communications, The Good, the Bad & The Ugly (3 NJSPRA members sharing good, bad and ugly situations they experienced) 
    • 07 Feb 2023 Social Media Analytics and Content Strategy; 2022 Communicator of the Year Presentation; NJSBA Legislative Update; Creating an Internal Communications Team
    • 30 Nov 2022 Communicating in Crisis; Leadership in Turbulent Times; 100 member celebration
    • 18 Oct 2022 2022 Communication Awards Dinner


    • 25 May 2022 Annual Meeting and Communicator of the Year Award
    • 13 May 2022 First National School Communicators Day Celebration Virtual Huddle
    • May 2022  Regional Member Meet-Ups
    • 27 April 2022 Virtual Workshop: Showcase: NJSPRA Award Winners Share Their Communication Tech Success
    • 2 April 2022 Virtual Workshop: Key Messages: Essential Anchors to Power Your Communications
    • 16 Mar 2022 Virtual Workshop: Helping Your Leadership Team Become Great Communicators
    • 2 Mar 2022 Virtual Member Meet-Up
    • 12 Jan 2022 Virtual Workshop: Communicating and Conducting an Equity Audit 
    • 6 Oct 2021 2021 Communication Awards Dinner
    • 20 Oct 2021 Virtual Workshop: DEI - Getting the Entire School Community on the Same Page
    • 18 Nov 2021 Calming the Crowd: Restoring Civility at Board Meetings


    • 26 May 2021 Annual Meeting  (Virtual)
    • 19 May 2021 2021 Communicator of the Year Presentation to Maren Smagala
    • 21 Apr 2021 Virtual Workshop: Communicating with Different Audiences
    • 3 Mar 2021 Virtual Workshop: Communicating and Leading for Equity
    • 24 Feb 2021 Virtual Workshop: Communicating About Covid-19: What You Need to Know and Do Next
    • 24 Nov 2020 Member Meet-Up (Virtual)
    • 19 Nov 2020 Virtual Workshop: Supporting Employees with Parent/Family Communications
    • 16 Oct 2020 2020 Communication Awards Ceremony (Virtual)


    • 25 Jun 2020 Virtual Mini-Session: The Importance of Copyright
    • 09 Jun 2020     Virtual Mini-Session: Virtual Year End Events During COVID-19
    • 04 Jun 2020    Virtual Mini-Session:  Effective Internal Communications During COVID-19
    • 04 Jun 2020  Virtual Mini-Session:  The School Communications Function During COVID-19
    • 26 May 2020 2020 Communicator of the Year Virtual Presentation to Dr. Matthew Murphy
    • 16 Jan 2020 Winter Workshop:  Managing the News Media and Communications  When the Unthinkable Happens
    • 11 Nov 2019 Fall Workshop: Communications Planning Bootcamp AND The One-Person School PR Department
    • 29 Sep 2019 2019 NJSPRA Communication Awards & Networking Event

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